Brazilian State Signs US$2bn Green Hydrogen Deal

Brazil’s Ceará state governor Camilo Santana signed on Wednesday (27), in Rotterdam, Netherlands, the 11th memorandum of understanding for the production of green hydrogen in the Pecém Complex, in Ceará. The protocol, which foresees investments of 2 billion dollars in the next few years, was signed with the Transhydrogen Alliance consortium, formed by Proton Ventures, Trammo, Global Energy Storage and VARO.

The project’s goal is to produce at least 500,000 tons of green hydrogen per year, which is equivalent to about 2.5 million tons of green ammonia, and to export it to Europe through the ports of Pecém and Rotterdam, which are commercial partners.

“This is a very important moment in our mission here in Europe. Each one of these companies has expertise in a certain area (production of H2V and green ammonia, logistics, storage, transportation). From now on we will begin the study phases for implementation of the project. The consortium sees Ceará as having great potential for sustainable energy production,” said Governor Camilo Santana, who was accompanied by the secretaries of the Civil House, Chagas Vieira, and Economic Development, Maia Júnior.

The president of Proton Ventures and the Transhydrogen Alliance consortium, Hans Vrijenhoef, celebrated the signing of the cooperation agreement with the state. “I am very happy to be here signing this agreement with Ceará. I really hope that we will be very successful in the project. This is a very important phase in the question of putting green energy solutions to the whole world,” said Hans Vrijenhoef, who is expected to visit the state soon to follow up on the first phase of the project.

“This is one more step that Ceará is taking takes in the production of green hydrogen. We know the enormous potential that the state has to make all this production feasible,” said secretary Maia Júnior.


The Ceará Green Hydrogen Hub of , installed in the Industrial and Port Complex of Pecém, was launched this year in partnership with the Federal University of Ceará (UFC) and the Federation of Industries of Ceará (Fiec). The idea is to seek to reduce the emission of pollutants with new investments and to expand business opportunities and job generation in Ceará, thus boosting the state’s economy. Green hydrogen (H2V) is produced through renewable sources and is currently considered the pillar of transformation.

So far 11 memorandums of understanding have been signed with national and international companies to implement projects in the state’s Green Hydrogen Hub. “This is an important step towards the decarbonization of the world. We are in a great task force to transform Ceará into a Green Hydrogen Hub, which is the fuel of the future. The whole world is looking for alternatives to reduce the emission of pollutants. We will also change the socioeconomic reality of Ceará with new job and income opportunities for the people of Ceará”, concluded the governor Camilo Santana.


The governor Camilo Santana has been participating this week in a series of foreign meetings and signing agreements to attract investments to Ceará. In the last days meetings were held with the Air France/KLM airline group and with the Brazilian ambassador to France, Luiz Bernardo de Andrade Serra.

In Rotterdam, Holland, a memorandum of understanding was signed with a consortium in the green hydrogen area. In addition, the delegation from Ceará will also meet the board of the Port of Rotterdam, which is a partner of the Port of Pecém.

Source: bnamericas.

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