Land Rover has unveiled the latest model of its luxury SUV, indicating potential H2 power.

As Land Rover unveiled its 2022 Range Rover luxury SUV as a possible hydrogen car, massive hydrogen news headline s were made.

Global headlines have been mentioning this British automaker’s flagship model.

When the announcement of the hydrogen car was made, it was among many different options in the Land Rover range. The announcement included models powered by gasoline, diesel, PHEV and BEV, with the last on the list expected to roll out in 2024. The fuel cell technology has not yet been officially confirmed for next year, but the automaker may move ahead with the zero-emission solution.

Hydrogen car - Land Rover logo

The hydrogen car development is a component of the automaker’s Project Zeus program.

Before the hydrogen car launches, the fully electric version of the Range Rover SUV is scheduled for roll-out in 2024. That vehicle will be sharing the majority of its design with the standard model, with the exception of a few zero-emission tweaks. The electric powertrain is the outcome of a BMW and Land Rover collaboration. It will support all-wheel drive. The company will offer a BEV variant for all its models by 2030, with a target of comprising 60 percent of its total sales by that year.

Source: Hydrogen Fuel News.