Daily Archives: May 2, 2021

Port of Los Angeles and Texas Gulf -Likely H2 Hubs

Look to ports for the nascent green hydrogen economy Hydrogen, produced without carbon emissions, will find use in many sectors of a future ‘hydrogen economy.’ It’s high energy intensity can make it the basis of fuels that reduce carbon emissions in the ‘hard to abate’ transportation and industrial sectors. Its …

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Home on the Range in Wyoming and Hydrogen

The state of Wyoming, known far and wide as an epicenter of the US coal industry, is about to become a key player in the global green hydrogen revolution. Wyoming is the home of the mighty Powder River coal basin. It also happens to be the place where a company …

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$1.5 Billion Clean-Energy fund – Set up by PetroChina

HONG KONG — PetroChina, China’s largest oil group by assets, will establish an investment fund with its parent to help fuel growth in new sources of energy, a response to President Xi Jinping’s goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. PetroChina said after trading hours on Thursday that it is …

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Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Vehicles – Made Safer

Hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles – electric cars without the plug – made safer Hydrogen as a clean, renewable alternative to fossil fuels is part of a sustainable-energy future, and very much already here. However, lingering concerns about flammability have limited widespread use of hydrogen as a power source for electric vehicles. Previous …

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