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Mercedes GenH2 Truck Passes Test with Flying Colours

The Mercedes-Benz GenH2 truck is undergoing extensive testing as it’s getting closer to the production phase. In just a few years, this environmentally-friendly truck, which is just as powerful and reliable as all other Daimler models, will be hitting the road and attempt at changing the trucking industry.  10 photos …

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Hydrogen Demand Projected to Accelerate Fifty-Fold

Hydrogen is the simplest element on earth and makes up over 90% of all the atoms in the universe. Hydrogen’s simplicity and versatility offer lots of applications for integration into renewable energy, but until recently, its high cost made it less attractive than other sources. This is rapidly changing. Hydrogen …

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EU Parliament Backs ‘Low-Carbon’ Hydrogen

A motion on the EU’s hydrogen strategy won support from the European Parliament on Wednesday (19 May), backing the use of “low-carbon hydrogen” made from fossil gas as a bridge towards 100% renewable production. The EU’s hydrogen strategy, unveiled in July last year, aims to promote hydrogen based entirely on renewable …

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The’ Blue and Green H2′ Mediterranean

CAIRO, 18 Among the opportunities to be seized, there are not only renewable energy sources (wind and solar), but also several technologies for the storage, transport and use of green electricity. Among these, the Hydrogen could be an option for the energy storage. This was reported by an article just …

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Searching for Suitable Sites – UK Seeks Hydrogen Hubs

Clean fuel specialist Element 2 is holding talks with local authorities and other key parties as it steps up its search for suitable sites to build a network of ‘city hydrogen hubs’. Over the next decade the North Yorkshire-based company wants to install 2,000 H2 pumps across the UK, including …

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Aspiring to the Hydrogen Commandments

While ideally we would aspire to a world with no carbon dioxide emissions, there are still many industries where at this point of time it is not possible, due to cost and available technology. Aviation is a well-known example, because of the high power to weight ratio demanded by an …

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