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Road to Green Hydrogen – Paved with Collaboration

At the atomic level, hydrogen is a deceptively simple molecule: just two protons sharing two electrons. When it comes to using that molecule as a low-carbon energy solution, things get a whole lot more complicated. Hydrogen has been a big topic lately in the world of climate action. That’s particularly …

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Norwegian Hydrogen Roadmap leaves Natural Gas exports in Place

The Norwegian Government released its hydrogen roadmap on 11 June, outlining key policy plans up to 2030 that will support the country’s ambition to have an established hydrogen market by 2050. Within the roadmap, which builds on Norway’s hydrogen strategy released in 2020, there are three key takeaways: national targets …

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German Companies Launch Global – H2 Foundation

Xinhua  Sixteen German companies, including Siemens Energy and Thyssenkrupp, have launched the H2Global Foundation to promote green hydrogen, the country’s Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) The foundation aims to establish a functioning international market for green hydrogen, according to the ministry, which is contributing 900 million euros …

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EU Countries Clash Over Scale of Future H2 Imports

The EU has historically been a major energy importer, with a majority of its oil and gas coming from Russia or the Middle East. Now, as Europe decarbonises its industry, some countries fear it could increasingly become dependent on imported hydrogen. Energy ministers from the 27 EU member states exchanged …

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Russian Railways Develop Hydrogen – H2 Locomotives

It is hoped that the development of using hydrogen fuel cells for Russia’s railways can help to reduce emissions, noise and vibration. Russian Railways, RUSNANO and Sinara Group have signed a cooperation agreement for the development of trunk and shunting freight locomotives using power plants based on electrochemical hydrogen fuel cells …

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