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Japanese Tech – to Slash Green Hydrogen Costs

Japanese energy company Eneos and plant engineer Chiyoda will build a facility that manufactures hydrogen without carbon dioxide emissions at one-third the current cost, a breakthrough in the nation’s push toward decarbonization. The plant will use a proprietary electrolysis technology to significantly lower necessary investment, with the aim of bringing …

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Updating the Air-Ship Concept With H2 Fuel Cells.

UK aviation company Hybrid Air Vehicles has updated its “flying bum” Airlander 10 hybrid airship concept with a lower-carbon version featuring electric motors powered by hydrogen fuel cells. The latest version of the airship will produce “75 per cent fewer emissions than conventional aircraft in similar roles,” the company claimed. The aircraft, which will be …

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Hydrogen – Hottest Thing – in Green Energy

Solar panels and wind turbines can’t clean up everything. Making steel, for instance, calls for higher temperatures than traditional electric furnaces can deliver. That’s why plans for blunting climate change now envision a big role for hydrogen in curbing industrial emissions and for powering cars, trucks and ships. So-called green …

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Land Rover’s next Defender Will Run on Hydrogen

Modern electric cars are finally gaining traction on American roads. Tesla and other automakers are redefining the family vehicle, while companies like Rimac are building the next battery-powered hypercar. But despite the fact that this new tech is still in its infancy, manufacturers are still looking for the next big breakthrough in automotive …

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Rail – Germany investing 227M – Focus-Batteries – H2

Germany will invest some €227 million to support the electrification of rail, with a focus on batteries and hydrogen fuel cells, including charging and refueling infrastructure. Currently, 61% of the rail network in Germany is electrified with overhead lines. Conventional rail vehicles with diesel engines are currently used almost exclusively on non-electrified …

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