Daily Archives: September 17, 2021

Russia to Grant Toll-Free Status EV/H2 Cars From 2022

Russian electric car drivers will be able to access toll roads at no cost starting from 2022 in a new trial experiment, the RBC news website reported Monday, citing a recently published draft government plan. The initiative, part of the new Development Concept for the Production and Use of Electric Automobile Transport signed by …

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NYK and BP to collaborate on future fuels

Japanese shipping giant Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK) has joined forces with London-based supermajor BP to collaborate on future fuels and transportation solutions to help industrial sectors, including shipping, decarbonise. For shipping, the companies will collaborate and identify opportunities to help transition from current marine fuels to alternatives such as LNG, …

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Germany Urged to Prioritise Offshore Green Hydrogen

The next federal government in Germany needs to create the conditions for ambitious green hydrogen production using offshore wind power, according to industry groups. The groups – BWO, DWV, EEHH, EE.SH, IG Metall Coast, Foundation Offshore-Winden-Ergie, WAB and the AquaVentus Forderverein – said that in order to meet the demand …

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Chevron Spend $10bn Boosting Renewable Energy

Chevron will spend $ 10 billion over the next seven years to increase renewable energy production and reduce carbon pollution. This is due to increasing pressure on US oil producers to purify their operations. Clean energy spending pledges are more than three times the amount previously promised by the US …

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