Daily Archives: September 23, 2021

Plug Power – H2 from water in a California Drought

The facility in Fresno County, announced Monday, will take recycled water from a new wastewater treatment plant and strip hydrogen from it, while the remainder goes to a nearby community. The plant will produce 30 metric tons of hydrogen each day, using electrolyzers to break water into hydrogen and oxygen, …

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EDP $41.9 million – Green Hydrogen Port Pilot Project.

On 1st September the Governor of Ceará together with executives from EDP have jointly announced that EDP will invest a total of R$41.9 million in a pilot project for the production of a green hydrogen plant in Pecém Industrial and Port Complex, with a production capacity of 250 Nm3/h of …

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Hyundai – H2 Blitz with Trucks – Cars – Drones.

Hyundai Motor Group is doubling down on its contrarian bet that hydrogen is the wave of the future, unveiling a bold rollout plan for fuel cell technology in everything from sports cars to commercial trucks and drones while targeting price parity with battery electrics by 2030. The strategy, unveiled Tuesday under …

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