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Heating Homes Without Warming Up The Planet.

Baxi Heating has demonstrated its 100% hydrogen boilers installed in two homes in Low Thornley, near Gateshead. They showed the use of hydrogen-fuelled appliances in a real-world setting. They have pledged to make only products compatible with low carbon energy from 2025, which means that gas boilers will be ‘hydrogen-ready’ …

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Fossil Fuel Companies Say H2 Made From Natural Gas a Climate Solution

A committee of climate scientists and environmental officials deliberated over how to drastically cut New York State’s carbon footprint last summer, natural gas industry representatives were putting forward a counterintuitive pitch: hydrogen, made from fossil fuels. The concept was simple, explained natural-gas proponents serving on the state’s climate-action council. Industrial …

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The Hydrogen Push: Mapping Indo-Russian Trajectories

With nations rolling out their green future initiatives and strategies aiming at increasing the use of cleaner and renewable sources of energy, hydrogen fuel is now the talk of the town. Several nations have begun taking a serious approach towards replacing the traditional sources of energy- oil and gas, with …

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German Auto Giants Place their Bets on Hydrogen Cars

Battery power may be the frontrunner to become the car technology of the future, but don’t rule out the underdog hydrogen. That’s the view of some major automakers, including BMW and Audi, which are developing hydrogen fuel-cell passenger vehicle prototypes alongside their fleets of battery cars as part of preparations …

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$150 Million to bring number of Hydrogen Hubs to Seven

An additional $150 million will be announced today to bring to seven the number of “hydrogen hubs” being developed across regional Australia under the federal government’s $1.2 billion hydrogen energy push. The government wants Australia to become a global player in hydrogen production and exports by 2030 and is touting the …

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