Daily Archives: September 28, 2021

Planned “Hydrogen Highway” through Central Europe

Four gas transmission system operators (TSOs) have teamed up to develop what they called a “hydrogen highway” through Central Europe, with plans to create a network that will move hydrogen from future production spots in Ukraine to large demand centres in Germany. In a joint statement on Thursday, Gas TSO …

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H2 to play Key Role In The Gulf’s Energy Transition

With hydrocarbon-rich countries in the Gulf increasingly looking to reduce their carbon emissions, some in the region are turning towards multi-coloured hydrogen as a more environmentally sustainable solution. Along with renewable sources like solar and wind, hydrogen is seen as a potential low-carbon or zero-carbon fuel that is key to …

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Karnataka Aims to Become Leader in Hydrogen Energy

BENGALURU: The State Government is working on green hydrogen energy as an alternative, environmental-friendly power source and aims to be a leader in the sector, just like in solar energy. The concept is new and the government has been influenced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent speech that hydrogen energy …

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