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Cummins Receives Award from UK Government

Cummins Inc. the UK Government, provided through the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC), to play a significant role in de-carbonizing transport from 2025 onward. Cummins Inc. (NYSE: CMI) announced today that its hydrogen-fueled internal combustion engine (H2-ICE) program is beginning development of a medium-duty 6.7-liter and a heavy-duty 15-liter engine. “We’ve established …

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NET-ZERO – The tiny Hydrogen molecule holds the key.

Although more countries and businesses have made commitments to achieve carbon neutrality in the decades ahead, a net-zero economy will not be possible without additional substitutes for fossil fuels. Fortunately, the tiny hydrogen molecule holds the key. While we already have mature technologies that can replace fossil fuels in many …

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Mexico Has 22TW of Green Hydrogen Potential

Mexico has the potential to install 22TW of green hydrogen infrastructure, with public transport, power generation and the petrochemical industry key areas for development, according to a study financed by the German foreign development agency, GiZ. The potential to develop green hydrogen, which is hydrogen produced using renewable energy sources, …

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Hyundai rescue vehicles that use Hydrogen fuel cells

Hyundai Motor Group, the world’s fifth-largest automotive group, is speeding up the development of a variety of rescue vehicles that use hydrogen fuel cells and robotics to help save lives. At the Hydrogen Wave global online forum and the H2 Mobility+Energy Show events that were held this month, the South …

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Why the ‘Swiss Army knife’ of Climate so Controversial

Clean hydrogen could replace fossil fuels for almost everything. But should it? As countries around the world firm up their commitments to cut carbon emissions, many are turning to an emerging solution with an uncertain future: hydrogen gas. This lesser-known fuel has been called the “Swiss Army knife” of climate …

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