Daily Archives: October 11, 2021

African Wind Body launched to scale up Green Energy

he Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) has launched a wind body in Africa to help accelerate green energy development across the continent. Africa WindPower (AWP) offers a platform for dialogue between the wind industry and government stakeholders, with the ultimate goal of scaling up wind project development and deployment in the continent. …

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Outlook for Hydrogen?

One of Australia’s richest men, steelmaker Andrew Forrest, believes green hydrogen will become the biggest source of energy in the world by mid-century, and rejects blue (natural gas based) hydrogen as a “false solution”. Energy consultancy DNV, in its annual Energy Transition Outlook, sees a continued role for blue hydrogen …

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Shipping firms vow to cut Emissions

The global shipping industry has pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by mid-century – but only if governments impose a mandatory levy on shipping fuel to fund the development of new low-carbon technology. The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), which represents the majority of the global shipping industry, …

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Orbital Marine Power to Upscale its Floating Tidal Power

The O2 turbine, recently deployed offshore Scotland by Orbital Marine Power, will be the basis for the commercialization of floating tidal power plant technology and its integration with wind power, batteries, and hydrogen production. The company from Scottland is at the helm of an EU-backed consortium of companies and scientific …

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Green H2 our best (maybe only) option to Net-Zero

Hitting 2050 net-zero carbon targets without green hydrogen would be virtually impossible. Producing hydrogen without emissions is quite expensive right now, but it will inevitably be the cheapest source of renewable energy for many applications that electric batteries can’t solve STOCKHOLM, Sweden (Project Syndicate)—While we already have mature technologies that …

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