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New Zealand Can’t rely on battery-power cars alone

The transport sector accounts for 47% of New Zealand’s carbon dioxide emissions. It will be a focus for decarbonisation to meet the country’s new climate pledge to cut emissions by half by 2030. Most (90%) transport emissions come from road transport, which is also the fastest-growing sector. Battery-driven electric vehicles have been highlighted …

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Hydrogen High Street – UK to change keeping warm?

In the remote hills of Cumbria, a few miles north of Hadrian’s wall, three nondescript terrace houses stand side by side, quietly offering a glimpse of a low-carbon future. The houses are intentionally unremarkable in every way but one: they are the first in the UK to run on a …

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UK Hydrogen – Valued at ‘£23 Billion in 2030’

The UK renewable hydrogen investment opportunity could be worth £23bn by 2030 to meet an annual demand of 10 terawatt hours (TWh), according to Cornwall Insight. The analyst outfit has used the capital expenditure values for electrolyzers and offshore wind from the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) …

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Brazilian State Signs US$2bn Green Hydrogen Deal

Brazil’s Ceará state governor Camilo Santana signed on Wednesday (27), in Rotterdam, Netherlands, the 11th memorandum of understanding for the production of green hydrogen in the Pecém Complex, in Ceará. The protocol, which foresees investments of 2 billion dollars in the next few years, was signed with the Transhydrogen Alliance …

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Hydrogen – the missing piece in Green Energy Puzzle?

The UK Government has unveiled plans to lead a green industrial revolution to make Britain a world-leading hydrogen economy. The country will invest more than £100 million in industries that produce and transport hydrogen, enabling the UK to commence world-leading hydrogen projects and unlock £4 billion investment by 2050. Replacing fossil fuels …

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