Daily Archives: November 6, 2021

JCB signs Green Hydrogen Deal Worth Billions

Construction equipment maker JCB has signed a deal to buy billions of pounds of green hydrogen, defined as hydrogen produced using renewable energy. The deal means JCB will take 10% of the green hydrogen made by the Australian firm Fortescue Future Industries (FFI). FFI said the deal was a “first-of-a-kind …

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Quebec’s cheap power lures Europe’s Hydrogen buyers

The abundance of cheap hydro-electric power that made Quebec a haven for cryptocurrency miners and data centers is now attracting other potential power-thirsty buyers: European green hydrogen producers. “We have people right now in Europe who want to decarbonize: They are very interested in coming to Quebec to produce green …

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2022 Range Rover may be unveiled as a Hydrogen car

Land Rover has unveiled the latest model of its luxury SUV, indicating potential H2 power. As Land Rover unveiled its 2022 Range Rover luxury SUV as a possible hydrogen car, massive hydrogen news headline s were made. Global headlines have been mentioning this British automaker’s flagship model. When the announcement of the …

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New Hydrogen Production Technology? It’s Bananas

The use of hydrogen continues to grow as a means of power generation, with companies introducing new technologies at a rapid pace across the globe. Ways2H is among the groups developing new methods of hydrogen production, and in late September announced it had signed a letter of intent to transform …

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Russia to refocus energy strategy including Hydrogen

Russia’s aim to be carbon neutral by 2060 — announced by President Putin in the run-up to the COP26 climate meeting — will require a huge restructuring of its economy, which is today heavily dependent on oil and gas revenues. Major changes to energy strategy are expected, with the focus …

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