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Toyota’s Hydrogen Car Now in Dhaka

A few weeks ago, Dhaka Tribune published an article suggesting Hydrogen fuel cell cars are going to make a comeback, despite the world moving aggressively towards electric vehicles (EVs). Last month, Tijarah Motors limited imported the first hydrogen powered car in Bangladesh, the Toyota Mirai. While the technology was interesting, …

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AUS: $12.5 Million Investment – Zero Emission Trucks.

The transport sector is Australia’s third-largest source of greenhouse gases, producing 17.5 per cent of emissions. The announcement comes as Australia is emerging as a front-runner among nations vying to become hydrogen-exporting powerhouses amid fresh projections showing demand for the fuel could increase six-fold by 2050. Queensland’s first five hydrogen-powered cars snapped …

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Seattle City Light Explores Renewable Hydrogen

SEATTLE—Two studies exploring the potential of shifting from fossil fuel to clean hydrogen as fuel to power medium-and heavy-duty vehicles are getting underway, led by a team from Seattle City Light, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), and Sandia National Laboratories. These efforts are supported by two awards from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) totaling $2.12 million to help meet emission reduction goals set by Seattle City Light and the Port of Seattle. The study team also includes partners at The Northwest …

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AUS: Hydrogen Play to Fund Zero Emissions Trucks

Ark Energy’s plans to build a renewable hydrogen production and refuelling facility in Queensland, to power a fleet of “first-of-their-kind” fuel cell electric trucks, have attracted the inaugural investment from the federal government’s $300 million Advancing Hydrogen Fund. The Clean Energy Finance Corporation, which manages the fund for the federal …

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UAE Targets 25% of Global Hydrogen Fuel Market by 2030

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) aims to capture 25 percent of the global hydrogen fuel market by 2030, state news agency WAM reported. The major oil producer also said that it was implementing more than seven ambitious hydrogen projects, targeting main export markets including Japan, South Korea, Germany and India, …

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