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USA – Hydrogen for a Stronger Economy

In the United States and globally, all eyes are turning to hydrogen. Now acknowledged as key tools to help achieve the overarching goals of decarbonisation and economic growth, hydrogen energy and fuel cell technologies offer a litany of benefits to a wide range of applications. Hydrogen and fuel cells have a long, proven …

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China’s H2 Fuel Price Competitive to Petroleum – 2030

China’s hydrogen-powered Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs) are expected to be cost-competitive in 2030 compared with conventional vehicles powered by gasoline or gasoil, in terms of both the purchasing price and the fuel cost, Jiang Ning, chief specialist with Sinopec Marketing, said at the 10th China International Oil and Gas …

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H2 Transportation is happening – will see Huge Uptake

Land, sea, rail or air: If it’s a hydrogen mobility application, Luxfer Gas Cylinders has more than likely got it covered. Having been making compressed gas cylinders since 1942, at the height of the second world war, the Nottingham, UK-based company is certainly an expert when it comes to hydrogen …

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Environmental Concerns Propel Growth in Hydrogen

Increasing environmental concerns are expected to propel the growth of the green hydrogen market in the forecast period. Green hydrogen is a hydrogen-based fuel that is made by electrolyzing water with electricity supplied from low-carbon sources. It will help in reducing carbon emissions and provide care to our planet. For …

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Daimler – Agreement to Drive Hydrogen Trucking

Daimler road freight subsidiary Truck AG has entered into a partnership with TotalEnergies, with the aim of providing sufficient critical mass for widescale adoption of hydrogen in trucking. Part of a strategy to make their entire product range zero-emission tank-to-wheel across North America, Europe and Japan by 2039, Daimler intends …

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