Daily Archives: November 23, 2021

Hopes for Hydrogen as China to tackle Carbon

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are expected to experience a rapid expansion thanks to new global environmental goals, according to insiders and experts, who also acknowledge difficulties on the road to commercialization. In terms of developing new energy vehicles, electric and hydrogen fuel cells are regarded as the two major technologies. …

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Green Hydrogen: The New Scramble for North Africa

The potential of the Sahara desert in North Africa to generate large amounts of renewable energy thanks to its dry climate and vast expanses of land has long been touted. For years, the Europeans, in particular, have considered it a potential source of solar energy that could satisfy a sizable …

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Two is Better than One: Single-Atom Dimer Electrocatalyst for Green Hydrogen Production

Nickel-cobalt metal dimer on nitrogen-doped carbon can catalyze electrolysis under both acidic and basic conditions The limited reservoir of fossils fuels and the ever-increasing threats of climate change have encouraged researchers to develop alternative technologies to produce eco-friendly fuels. Green hydrogen generated from the electrolysis of water using renewable electricity …

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