Daily Archives: November 26, 2021

Glasgow’s £10 million Hydrogen Storage Project

A new hydrogen storage project in Glasgow with nearly £10 million in UK government funding to provide zero-carbon fuel for clean energy storage Following the COP26 climate change summit held in Glasgow this year, the UK government has awarded £9.4 million for a hydrogen project on the UK’s largest onshore wind farm …

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Hydrogen firms rally around Bill as it heads to Senate

Companies up and down the hydrogen value chain are rooting for eight long-term provisions within the US Build Back Better Act that they say would accelerate the US hydrogen economy to maturity. President Joe Biden’s $2 trillion spending plan, which passed the House Nov. 19, now faces uncertain odds in …

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Atome Seeks First-Mover Hydrogen Producer Advantage

High hopes around the shift to hydrogen have largely focused on technology providers, but there will also be a need for companies to bring production into reality. Atome Energy aims to fill this gap. The company is part of long-time oil man Peter Levine’s President Energy and aims to hold …

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