AMP – Invests $2 Billion In Australian Energy Hub

Amp Energy (Amp), A Toronto-based clean energy global developer, has invested over $2 billion in establishing the 1.3 GW Renewable Energy Hub of South Australia (REHSA). Amp may be stationed in Canada, but it has a growing portfolio in Australia.

The new facility will integrate the large-scale wind, PV (Photovoltaics), and Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) assets and incorporate the Spencer Gulf Hydrogen Energy Ecoplex. It will be including at least three massive solar projects, two of which would supply South Australia’s green hydrogen ambitions.

The PV projects include Robertstown (636 MW), Bungama (336 MW), and Yoorndoo Ilga (388 MW). There will be a total BESS capacity of up to 540MW across the portfolio. Overall, the projects will create sufficient electricity to power 230,000 homes annually. Plus, Amp plans to generate hydrogen for domestic and export markets from the Spencer facility to ports in Asia.

The Bungama and Robertstown projects are anticipated to begin energization in late 2022. These two projects alone will create 550 jobs that are full-time during the construction phase.

Dean Cooper, head of Amp Australia and the company’s executive vice president, said:

The strategic value of the South Australian portfolio is significant in a jurisdiction which is undergoing one of the most rapid energy transitions in the world.

AMP Energy Invests $2 Billion In Australian Renewable Energy Hub
(Credit: Amp India)

Stephen Patterson, the SA Minister for Trade and Investment, welcomed the prospect of the REHSA, saying:

South Australia has significant land mass and world-class wind and solar resources, with aspirations of reaching net 100% renewable energy generation by 2030.We’ve seen over $7 billion invested in projects with another $20 billion in the pipeline. The Renewable Energy Hub of South Australia will be fundamental in integrating our state’s renewable energy storage assets and building our capability, and supporting the fast-moving energy transitions we’re experiencing.

Amp’s Australian operating company, Amp Power Australia Pty Limited, already manages a portfolio of 158MW of solar PV assets in NSW, including the 39 MW Molong Solar Farm.

Australia is also home to the largest solar farm globally: Sun Cable’s 10-gigawatt facility will even provide Singapore with 20% of its electricity needs via undersea cables.

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