Peugeot e-Expert – H2 – plug-in – Hybrid with Fuel Cell

After the e-Expert battery-electric van, Peugeot is now bringing out a version with a smaller battery and fuel cell. We learn a little more technical details than from Opel when they presented the virtually identical Vivaro-e Hydrogen.

Three underfloor hydrogen tanks have a capacity of 4.4 kilograms at a pressure of 700 bar. They can be refilled in around three minutes and offer an electric range of more than 400 kilometers. Its buffer battery with a capacity of 10.5 kWh and an output of 90 kW supplies the van with additional energy when it starts and accelerates. At a moderate, steady pace, the electric motor on the front axle needs the power of the fuel cell.

The drive and cell are in the engine compartment, the battery under the seats and the CFRP-reinforced plastic bottles under the vehicle floor.

Every fuel cell car needs a buffer storage unit because of the inertia that fuel cells oppose to regulating their power generation, but the battery in the e-Expert Hydrogen is significantly larger and can be charged via a built-in 11 kW power supply unit. This concept with a relatively large traction battery and a moderate continuous fuel cell output of 45 kW is new. It offers a rechargeable range of up to 50 km according to the consumption cycle in the WLTP. Peugeot promises a “full charge” in less than an hour from an 11 kW wall box (32A), in three hours from a reinforced socket (16A) and six hours from a standard socket (8A).

Source: Market Research Telecast.

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