Port Operations – New Hydrogen Trucks Launch

Clean transport is moving closer towards the needs of intensive port operations as a new hydrogen truck launch shows.

SANY’s first hydrogen fuel cell heavy truck has recently rolled off the production line.

Vice president, Wang Yi, of the Academy of SANY Heavy Truck, said: “This first unit of our hydrogen fuel cell heavy truck was manufactured according to the strictest standards in China and is therefore positioned as a flagship model suitable for multiple scenarios including low-speed operation, ultra-short-distance transportation, port operation, and more.

“SANY will delve deeper into the field of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, boosting the development of fuel cell technology globally.”

According to Yi, all aspects of its performance are above industry standards. Specifically, its driving distance exceeds 500 kilometers (310 miles), the longest among all similar models; and its hydrogen consumption rate is below 10 kg/100 km, the lowest in the industry.

The use of lightweight technology gives the vehicle a weight of only 10.6 t, 3% lighter than other competing products; and the operating temperature ranges from -30°C to 50°C (-22°F to 122°F),giving the truck outstanding environmental and climatic adaptability.

Liang Linhe, chairman of SANY Heavy Truck, commented at the rollout ceremony that electric trucks will, for a certain period, co-exist with traditional petroleum-fuelled trucks, but hydrogen power must become the “ultimate fuel” that will redefine the development trend of commercial trucks.

Source: Port Strategy.

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