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Researchers iron out key cost barrier to hydrogen fuel cells

A team of researchers based in Europe has developed a hydrogen fuel cell that switches out rare and costly platinum and replaces it with iron, lowering one of the key barriers to a technology that many hope can help decarbonise heavy transport, shipping and aviation. Hydrogen fuel cells convert hydrogen …

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Global Hydrogen Demand to ‘Grow by 50%’

Within the next decade, global demand for renewable and low carbon hydrogen could grow by 50%, according to a new Hydrogen Council report. As a result, the Hydrogen Council CEO coalition is calling on world leaders to show concerted effort to materialise announced hydrogen plans around the globe to get …

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Governments are shaping their Hydrogen Ambitions

Many governments across the globe have announced ambitious hydrogen plans to decarbonize economies and increase gas independence. Big money is invested in hydrogen production, infrastructure and demand. Most countries focus on green hydrogen despite the better economics of grey and blue hydrogen Governments across the globe present their hydrogen budgets …

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