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Planned “Hydrogen Highway” through Central Europe

Four gas transmission system operators (TSOs) have teamed up to develop what they called a “hydrogen highway” through Central Europe, with plans to create a network that will move hydrogen from future production spots in Ukraine to large demand centres in Germany. In a joint statement on Thursday, Gas TSO …

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H2 to play Key Role In The Gulf’s Energy Transition

With hydrocarbon-rich countries in the Gulf increasingly looking to reduce their carbon emissions, some in the region are turning towards multi-coloured hydrogen as a more environmentally sustainable solution. Along with renewable sources like solar and wind, hydrogen is seen as a potential low-carbon or zero-carbon fuel that is key to …

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Karnataka Aims to Become Leader in Hydrogen Energy

BENGALURU: The State Government is working on green hydrogen energy as an alternative, environmental-friendly power source and aims to be a leader in the sector, just like in solar energy. The concept is new and the government has been influenced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent speech that hydrogen energy …

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Soaring gas prices- opportunity for renewable H2

The green hydrogen market will continue to deliver rapid reductions in production costs, despite soaring energy and commodities prices, the CEO of the world’s largest electrolyzer manufacturer Nel, Jon Andre Lokke, told S&P Global Platts. Power and gas prices have risen to record highs in Europe, pushing up production costs …

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California Expands Checks on Renewable Fuel Projects

Northern California refiners converting traditional fuel processing units to make renewables will still need to follow the same rules as with older processes, as regulators take a closer look at lower-carbon fuel production. The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) plans to update its rules to make renewable fuel …

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India Pushes Renewables and Green Hydrogen

Prime minister Modi wants country to be energy independent by 2047 and become a global hydrogen hub India has set ambitious targets for renewable energy and green hydrogen generation, aiming to become a global hydrogen hub and reverse its reliance on imported fossil fuels. Source: © Jonas Gratzer/LightRocket/Getty Images India …

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Hydrogen-Powered Lego Toy Cars – Fuel For Thought

Travis Brown with the Lego car created by his St John’s RC Academy team. The hydrogen-powered cars were small but the impact was big when Dundee schoolchildren built and raced Lego vehicles. As they put together their green-energy fuelled vehicles, the young competitors may have taken their first steps as …

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Could Hyzon Motors be the Tesla of Hydrogen Vehicles?

Key Points Hyzon is making hydrogen cells with wide potential applications. Trucking companies and aircraft manufacturers are among its potential current clients. The company may have significant orders from China coming later this year. Hyzon Motors recently saw some big stock market gains. Hydrogen’s appeal is that it is able to …

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