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Soaring gas prices- opportunity for renewable H2

The green hydrogen market will continue to deliver rapid reductions in production costs, despite soaring energy and commodities prices, the CEO of the world’s largest electrolyzer manufacturer Nel, Jon Andre Lokke, told S&P Global Platts. Power and gas prices have risen to record highs in Europe, pushing up production costs …

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India Pushes Renewables and Green Hydrogen

Prime minister Modi wants country to be energy independent by 2047 and become a global hydrogen hub India has set ambitious targets for renewable energy and green hydrogen generation, aiming to become a global hydrogen hub and reverse its reliance on imported fossil fuels. Source: © Jonas Gratzer/LightRocket/Getty Images India …

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Solar-Powered Mobile Home – No Fuel – No wiring

lar Team Eindhoven has unveiled what they describe as the first solar-powered mobile home, called Stella Vita. Described by the Eindhoven University of Technology team as a “self-sustaining house on wheels”, Stella Vita can generate solar energy independent of charging stations while allowing passengers to shower, watch TV, charge their laptops …

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Middle East Oil Producers Make Pivot Towards Renewables

Weaning the world off hydrocarbons to fight climate change is this generation’s biggest challenge. It is a challenge that has pushed major OECD members to adopt far-reaching strategies, such as the EU Green Deal or the UK’s future ban on new gasoline-powered cars. Yet demand for oil and gas continues …

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