The Hydrogen Economy


The Hydrogen Economy is gathering with the power and presence of a global tsunami. The use of clean none polluting Hydrogen is being raised by parliamentarians, senators and congressmen throughout the world.


In economic terms, Hydrogen projects are huge, across Europe, in North and South America, in Asia and China. Not only in geographical regions but across multiple market sectors, The H2 economy is being rolled out across the world from H2 fuelled houses in Scotland, to Hydrogen trains in Germany, from heavy shipping in Norway to H2 fuel plants in New Zealand.


The financial investments in this new clean none polluting Hydrogen economy are unimaginable. World governments are setting a course for a none polluting Hydrogen sea, in reality, even here mighty ocean-going cargo vessels and huge passenger liners will be fuelled by zero-emission Hydrogen.
The Hydrogen economy is growing, and it is vast!


Tim Truelan


Editor in Chief.


UAE Aims to Build Cleaner – Stronger H2 Economy

Sustainable development is one of the key elements of the UAE Vision 2021, which aims to preserve the environment and the country’s social and economic development. With the world heading towards net-zero energy, the UAE is a leader, among oil and gas producing nations, in developing clean energy as a …

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Licensing Will roll out H2 Technology Across Europe

The deal follows the agreement of non-legally binding heads of terms with HUI for Poland announced on 12 November 2020 and Greece and Hungary announced on 10 May 2021 and the payment by HUI to Powerhouse of deposits totalling €125,000/£107,168. Under the latest agreement, HUI will pay Powerhouse a further …

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Hydrogen Power offers Jobs Boost – Says Government

Thousands of new jobs could be created by investing in low-carbon hydrogen fuel to power vehicles and heat homes, the government says. Ministers have unveiled a strategy for kick-starting a hydrogen industry, which they say could attract billions of pounds in investment. Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng said the fuel was …

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China Green Hydrogen Project – Approved

The Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region in China has approved a massive power project that would use solar and wind to produce green hydrogen. The Inner Mongolian Energy Administration has given the go ahead to a cluster of plants in the cities of Ordos and Baotou that would use 1.85 gigawatts …

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Billions – To Be Funnelled into UK Hydrogen Subsidies

Manufacturers could be guaranteed a price by the government for the low-carbon hydrogen they produce so that they do not sell to consumers at a loss, according to plans subject to consultation reported by the Daily Telegraph. The newspaper adds that these subsidies would be funded “through either higher bills or …

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UK Government Launches Plan – World-Leading H2 Economy

First-ever vision to kick start world-leading hydrogen economy set to support over 9,000 UK jobs and unlock £4 billion investment by 2030 consultation also launched to look at ways to overcome cost gap between low carbon hydrogen and fossil fuels £105 million in UK government funding provided to support polluting …

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Hydrogen As a New Source of Energy for E-mobility

Getting from A to B without endlessly choking the planet on a deadly cocktail of toxic pollution is more feasible these days as electric mobility continues to gather pace. E-mobility, the environmentally friendly method of travel which steers away from existing fossil fuels, uses energy from electrical power sources through …

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Funding to support Victoria’s Transition To Hydrogen

The state government of Victoria in Australia has announced two new grants schemes designed to support the adoption of cleaner hydrogen fuel sources in industry. The business ready fund (BRF) will provide a total of AUS$1 million ($740,000) funding to support business cases or feasibility studies focused on assisting businesses …

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Panasonic Pioneering H2 Power to Fuel Factories Worldwide

Panasonic Corp. is turning a fuel-cell factory in the lakeside city of Kusatsu, in Shiga Prefecture, into what could be the world’s first hydrogen-based plant powered entirely by renewable energy. Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga’s October pledge to make Japan carbon-neutral has been a “tailwind” for Panasonic’s hydrogen-factory project, and the …

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California Partnership Envisions 200 Hydrogen Stations By 2035

The California Fuel Cell Partnership (CaFCP) has released a new document for heavy-duty Class 8 fuel cell electric trucks (FCETs), “Fuel Cell Electric Trucks: A Vision for Freight Movement in California and Beyond,” which envisions 70,000 trucks supported by 200 heavy-duty hydrogen truck stations by 2035. The vision emphasizes the …

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