The Hydrogen Economy


The Hydrogen Economy is gathering with the power and presence of a global tsunami. The use of clean none polluting Hydrogen is being raised by parliamentarians, senators and congressmen throughout the world.


In economic terms, Hydrogen projects are huge, across Europe, in North and South America, in Asia and China. Not only in geographical regions but across multiple market sectors, The H2 economy is being rolled out across the world from H2 fuelled houses in Scotland, to Hydrogen trains in Germany, from heavy shipping in Norway to H2 fuel plants in New Zealand.


The financial investments in this new clean none polluting Hydrogen economy are unimaginable. World governments are setting a course for a none polluting Hydrogen sea, in reality, even here mighty ocean-going cargo vessels and huge passenger liners will be fuelled by zero-emission Hydrogen.
The Hydrogen economy is growing, and it is vast!


Tim Truelan


Editor in Chief.


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