Tidal Energy

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Hydrogen Economy & Wind Power H2 Production

Hydrogen economy is a future economic structure of energy using hydrogen as a medium, which was put forward in the 1970s. Hydrogen is a clean energy source that burns to produce water without producing any pollutants. In the process, renewable energy such as solar, wind, and water is converted into …

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Orbital Marine Power to Upscale its Floating Tidal Power

The O2 turbine, recently deployed offshore Scotland by Orbital Marine Power, will be the basis for the commercialization of floating tidal power plant technology and its integration with wind power, batteries, and hydrogen production. The company from Scottland is at the helm of an EU-backed consortium of companies and scientific …

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Hydrogen Fuel from the sea.

In a continuous search for a renewable and efficient alternative to fossil fuels, researchers at university of central florida look to the ocean. clean hydrogen fuel is a promising option as it produces water, rather than carbon. according to the US department of energy, if hydrogen fuel is made cheaper and easier to …

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