Everfuel – H2 refueling in Sweden

Everfuel A/S, a leading green hydrogen fuel provider in Europe, will start hydrogen refueling in Sweden with the launching of a new filling station in Trelleborg, the first of eight potential locations in the Nordic Hydrogen Corridor project, according to a company’s press release.

The agreement with Trelleborg Municipality and Trelleborg Energy AB is the first signed contract in Everfuel’s plan of rolling out hydrogen refueling stations in Sweden.

The Municipality has made a commitment to a daily off take increasing to 120 kg per day, and together grow the market to 500 kg per day within five years of operation.

According to partners, there is a promising market potential in Trelleborg’s, as an expected 750 000 heavy duty vehicles will be passing through the city per year.

The station in Trelleborg is a part of Everfuel’s ramp-up phase of the announced plan to invest EUR 1.5 billion in developing the green hydrogen value chain in Europe and reach EUR 1 billion of revenue from sale of hydrogen fuel to buses, trucks, and cars before 2030.

Source: Petrol Plaza.

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