Future of Hydrogen Mobility on show at H2 Mobility

An ‘air purifying’ hydrogen-fueled tram that can carry 100 people at once.
A mobile hydrogen refueling station that can be used in remote areas.
A hydrogen-powered car that can recognize a driver’s voice and change the position of the steering wheel.
Visitors encountered all these at South Korea’s hydrogen industry exhibition the H2 Mobility+Energy Show.
This is the second year that the event is being held, and more than 150 companies and research institutions from 12 countries are showcasing their latest hydrogen technologies.

“As many companies from home and abroad gather at this event to share their technologies and meet new business partners, I believe it can be a growth engine for the hydrogen industry and help tackle climate change.”

Hyundai Motor Group revealed its first prototype of a hydrogen-powered hybrid sports car called the “Vision FK,” which can go from zero to a hundred kilometers an hour in just 4 seconds.
Hyundai also unveiled a new container transport vehicle called ‘e-Bogie’ trailer drone.

“Unlike conventional cargo trucks, the trailer drone is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell that only emits pure water as a by-product.”

Also on the sidelines, leaders of 15 major groups involved in the sector, including Hyundai Motor Chairman Chung Eui-sun and SK Group Chairman Chey Tae-won gathered for the ‘Korea H2 Business Summit’.
The new body aims to stimulate investment in the hydrogen sector and help Korea go carbon neutral.
Five conglomerates including Hyundai, SK and POSCO pledged to invest over 37 billion U.S. dollars into hydrogen by 2030.
Some SMEs said financial assistance from the government would also help develop the industry.

“We always say to the government officials that it would be always great to have lowered price may be some subsidiaries for the electricity price so that green hydrogen price can go down.”

South Korea’s presidential committee on carbon neutrality plan to come up with a detailed roadmap in October on going carbon neutral by 2050.

Source: Airang.

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