Hyundai Motor Declared ‘Hydrogen Vision 2040

Seoul [South Korea): Hyundai Motor Group has declared that it will make 2040 as the first year of hydrogen energy popularization. It also unveiled the world’s top-class next-generation hydrogen fuel cell and high-performance hydrogen electric vehicle ‘Vision FK.’

Hyundai Motor Group Chairman Chung Eui-sun said at the ‘Hydrogen Wave’ global online event on the 7th, “Hyundai Motor Group’s vision for the future hydrogen society is to make hydrogen energy to be used by everyone, for everything, in everywhere. We are planning to achieve this hydrogen society by 2040.”

“In order to speed up the realization of hydrogen society, all new models will be released as hydrogen electric vehicles or electric vehicles, and hydrogen fuel cell systems will be applied to all commercial vehicle lineups by 2028,” said Chairman Chung. “For this, the company will release a hydrogen fuel cell system that lowers price and volume but greatly increases durability and power.” Hyundai Motor is the first company that announced all-level conversion of commercial lineups.”

Hydrogen energy for everyone, everything, and everywhere in 2040

Hyundai Motor Group is planning to make a groundbreaking change in overall industries and society with hydrogen energy through ‘Hydrogen Vision 2040’ by 2040.

Firstly, Hyundai Motor group will promote global emission reduction through popularization of commercial hydrogen electric vehicles.

Hyundai Group will apply hydrogen fuel cells to all commercial vehicle lineups including models that have already been released for the first time in the global automobile industry by 2028. In particular, it is planning to release all new commercial vehicle models such as large trucks and buses as hydrogen electric vehicles and electric vehicles in order to achieve zero-emission.

Hyundai Motor Group is expecting that this will generate more than 200,000 tons of annual hydrogen demand in the domestic commercial vehicle market in 2030.

Source: ANI

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