Karnataka Aims to Become Leader in Hydrogen Energy

BENGALURU: The State Government is working on green hydrogen energy as an alternative, environmental-friendly power source and aims to be a leader in the sector, just like in solar energy.

The concept is new and the government has been influenced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent speech that hydrogen energy is the future. While the state energy department is searching for hydrogen energy sources, it is also working towards generating its own green hydrogen energy.

The department is now contemplating whether to include hydrogen energy as a chapter in its upcoming renewable energy policy or float it as a separate topic altogether. Officials are approaching experts from hydro, chemical and power sectors for advice, and also laboratories, chemical factories and other sources from where hydrogen can be tapped.

A senior energy department official said, “We are focusing on hydrogen energy now as it is a new, emerging stream. This will further reduce dependence on coal-based plants and support power production from solar and wind energy sources. We are looking at sources from where hydrogen energy can be tapped and also how it can be utilised.”

“Breaking compounds using green energy to generate hydrogen energy is called green hydrogen energy. It is a new concept and has been tested in some countries. It is found to be useful at labs, industries and hospitals. Our plan it to use this energy at such places,” the official added.

Source: The New Indian Express

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