Kingdom to boost hydrogen energy with Australia’s help

Environment Minister Say Samal yesterday proposed a hydrogen energy information centre during a videoconference with Australian Ambassador Pablo Kang and Australia’s Climate Coordinator James Larsen. Samal said that the first objective of cooperation is to establish a hydrogen information sharing center with the participation of research institutes of both Cambodia and Australia; and second, to establish a roadmap for strengthening economic development cooperation between Cambodia and Australia.

Larsen said that Australia has provided a lot of support to countries along the Mekong River in water resources management and environmental education.

He added that for the 26th UN General Assembly on Climate Change, Australia supports holding face-to-face meetings that provide an opportunity for all member states to have direct talks. Australia had initiated discussions on hydrogen power generation as a better option for advancing greenhouse gas emission reduction plans to zero in 2050.

Samal said: “Peace is an indispensable factor in environmental management, tackling climate change and national economic development. The government has been seizing the opportunity through major investments that can accelerate economic growth.”

Australian Embassy spokesperson told Khmer Times yesterday that they discussed boosting overall bilateral environmental cooperation, including the lead up to COP26 in November 2021 and Cambodia’s Asean Chair for 2022.

They also discussed the potential of clean hydrogen fuel and low emissions technologies to support countries like Cambodia reach net zero.

The embassy added that Australia has a long history supporting Cambodia’s climate and environment ambitions, including in the water and energy sectors.

For example, Australia is establishing the Mekong-Australia Water and Irrigation Centre to provide ongoing technical services and policy support to bolster water security in Cambodia, which is assisting with climate adaptation.

It is also supporting Cambodia’s development of a Renewable Energy Assessment and Integration Strategy that provides an initial blueprint for policy makers to integrate more variable renewable energy into Cambodia’s grid.

Australia has also recently launched support for an off-grid electrification project in Cambodia with the Ministry of Mines that will provide high-quality and safe access to electricity for off-grid communities; attract private sector capital to fund investment in generation and distribution infrastructure and achieve commercial viability and sustainability; and increase environmental and disaster resilience.

Source: Khmer Times.

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