Leasing Hydrogen Cars starts in UK ‘Clean air City’

UK-based Adelan has launched a new leasing programme for hydrogen vehicles following the launch of Birmingham’s Clean Air Zone.

Adelan, recognised as the UK’s oldest fuel cell firm, has forged a partnership with Green Tomato Cars and Toyota to offer a reliable alternative to battery electric vehicles that still meet the requirements for Birmingham’s new Clean Air Zone.

As part of the partnership to promote cleaner roads, 25 Toyota Mirai fuel cell vehicles have been made available for the leasing programme and offering the perfect solution.

In promoting the use of hydrogen vehicles in Birmingham, with the only emission being water, the cars of tomorrow provide safer air for the Birmingham residents and workers.

Stephen Arnold, Birmingham City Council’s Head of the Clean Air Zone, said, “Birmingham currently has unsafe levels of nitrogen dioxide, and we know this has a detrimental effect on the health and life expectancy of our citizens.

“The Clean Air Zone is a significant first step in tackling this issue.”

By introducing the new vehicle leasing programme, Adelan is not only driving the industry but is now helping Birmingham steer a path to a cleaner future by aggregating hydrogen demand.

Dr. Michaela Kendall, CEO of Adelan, said, “Leasing these fuel cell vehicles from Adelan will allow drivers to make a real contribution to improving air quality in Birmingham and beyond.

“We’re very pleased to work with our clean vehicle partners at Green Tomato Cars and Toyota to demonstrate the real-world capabilities of fuel cell technology and hydrogen as we move towards a cleaner future.

“Transport is a key contributor to poor urban air quality and the known health risks that result.

“It’s therefore vital that the sector responds with a technology that can not only address pressing environmental concerns but can do that whilst remaining cost-effective.

“By making the choice of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles affordable and easily available, Adelan and Toyota are doing just that.”

Source: Hydrogen Central.

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