Plans in for Construction of Hydrogen-From-Waste Plant in Oman

US company based in New York and hydrogen developer, H2 industries recently signed an agreement to develop a solar-powered Hydrogen-From-Waste Plant in Oman. The agreement was signed in principle with the government of Oman.

According to the agreement, the facility will be built on a 200,000 square coastal site. The Hydrogen-From-Waste Plant in Oman will have the capacity of converting up to well over 1 million tonnes of municipal waste in a year. 

Plans For Future Expansion 

On February 12, H2 Industries received an introductory approval for a plan to invest in a Hydrogen-From-Waste Plant worth $3 billion. H2 Industries plans to use its access to liquid organic hydrogen carrier technology into turning waste into green hydrogen with the use of only solar energy. This kind of technology will once again, bring hope to efforts for a greener future with cleaner environments. The hydrogen developer plans to later expand to convert up to 4 million tonnes of municipal waste in a year.

The Hydrogen-From-Waste Plant will be powered by a 300 megawatts solar photovoltaic plant that is accompanied by a 70 megawatts battery storage capacity. The company’s process is impressive as it is able to deal with agricultural waste, plastics, and sewage sludge to create a hydrogen “carrier fluid” that will be easily transportable. The company estimates that the export value of the carbon dioxide and hydrogen that will be generated in Oman will be worth $268 million a year. 


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