Siemens May Build Hydrogen-Powered Trains In Russia

MOSCOW – German industrial giant Siemens‘ Russia unit could potentially make passenger trains powered by hydrogen fuel, its president said on Monday.

“We have a factory in Yekaterinburg… I don’t see any obstacles for setting up production of, let’s say, hydrogen-powered passenger trains,” Alexander Liberov told reporters on the sidelines of a rail industry show near Moscow.

He added that the Munich-based corporation would share its expertise in making hydrogen fuel cells with the Russian branch but suggested that trains would better withstand Russia‘s extreme weather conditions when powered by both accumulators and hydrogen fuel.

The deputy director general of Russian Railroads, the country’s only rail operator, said last year that it planned to start using commuter trains powered by hydrogen fuel sometime after 2025 and would invite foreign firms to the project as long as trains were produced locally.

Source: UrduPoint News.

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