Texas needs to move faster to become Clean, Green Hydrogen Hub

Japanese engine maker Yanmar perfected the first small diesel engine in 1933; this year, the conglomerate is showing off a hydrogen fuel cell for ocean-going boats.

Every day, one of the world’s biggest manufacturers announces a new clean energy technology, and many rely on hydrogen. Texas has an almost unequaled opportunity to lead the world in clean hydrogen, but only if our business and political leaders can see past oil and natural gas.

“Texas starts out with some great advantages,” said Brian Weeks, senior hydrogen development director at the Gas Technology Institute, a non-profit that supports new technologies. “Moving out of the old hydrogen industry into the new hydrogen, clean energy world has been a very long and slow process getting companies interested and government agencies involved.”

Texas is the nation’s largest hydrogen producer, and most of the gas goes to refine oil or make ammonia. The Gulf Coast region is home to half the nation’s hydrogen pipelines and enormous subterranean caverns that store gases. Few places in the world do more with hydrogen—few clean fuels offer as much opportunity.

Source: Houston Chronicle.

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